Our Process
Steps to Achievement

The Physical

Our assessment will feel more like a yearly physical, the one you skipped, as we poke and prod your business. We want to know the real condition of your business. Painful as it may be. Truly knowing where you and you're business objectively stand is the first step to greater success.


With the Physical done, the real work starts. Together with you and your team, we build an action plan with milestones and commitments. Getting buy-in and support from your whole team.

Plans are critical - they keep you on track and provide motivation when things get tough.


We've seen great plans fail for lack of accountability. We provide on-going coaching to hold everyone's feet to the fire. Just like that trainer you have at the gym, we expect you to show up ready to work - we are.
Uncomfortable, You bet.
Results, for sure.


Your First Session - Free

Just as you wouldn’t go to a doctor without some idea of who or what they are, we want you to connect with us. In just 30 minutes, by phone or online, we’ll get to know each other and what’s “keeping you up at night.” You’ll know if we’re right for you. This is free, and there is no obligation. Don’t delay. The longer you wait, the longer the recovery. Plus, an idea or two on how to solve one of your challenging problems.
Get your appointment now!


The House Call - We come to you

We're Covid-19 savvy. We meet with you on-site to dig a little, ok a lot deeper into your business performance, just one-on-one. We know it can be difficult to discuss your challenges, after all, you built this business, everyone expects you to have the answers. The gloves go on - the physical starts.


The Physical - Our assessment

The physical starts. Our team meets with department leaders, supervisors, production team members, and frontline staff. We develop a picture of your business that may or may not align with what you believe is happening. This takes time, about a day and a half. But no drafty hospital gowns!


The Results and What they mean

Your business physical results are first delivered to you in private.  It takes a lot of courage to open your business to all this poking around. We understand that you want the results in private first. Some results you may have expected others are eye-opening. Offering the opportunity for growth and profit.


Sharing with your team

You know your team helped you get this far, now together go even further. Share the results with your leadership team and the rest of your staff. Don’t worry we’ll be there with you. You'll be surprised at how excited they are by the news and how willing they can be to pitch in.


Doctor's Orders -
Your custom strategy

Knowing what’s not working is one thing, correcting it is another. Before we leave, we will work with you and your team to develop real achievable action items with agreed to dates. We won't leave until we have buy-in from all your players.


Your Personal Trainer & Coach

In a week, we will follow-up with you and your team to make sure you’re following the doctors’ orders. Plus, answer questions that have come up. This call will provide encouragement and push you to do a little bit more this week.
Like a great trainer and coach we'll keep following up to help you drive accountability and push your limits.