Insights + Accountability

The Physical provides us with a snapshot of your business as it is today. Just like any physical, there are things you don't want to hear and some that will please you. Together, we will create an action plan that works to change those things that need changing and most importantly reinforce the things that are working well.
We all promise the doctor to eat better and exercise more. And we do for the first week. That's why all of our programs include extensive accountability follow-up sessions. We know you have the best intentions and we are there to help you follow through.

One-Week Intensive Care

  • 2 Day, intense on-site Physical
  • 3 Intense days of planning and training
  • 6 hours of specific on-site need-based training
  • 4 Weeks of post Physical Accountability Sessions
  • Most businesses add on 6-months of support

If your business can't wait to get started and see results, this is the plan for you. After five full business days, your team will know what to do, how to do it, and be doing it.

We drive accountability with check-in calls and two remote team follow-up sessions.

The intensity of this program is so high that we only offer it to 18 clients a year.

Marathon Training

  • Two-day, On-site Physical
  • 3 months of bi-weekly accountability telecons
  • Monthly on-site accountability and training visits.
  • This program is perfect for businesses that must get to the next level now.
  • Most businesses
  • add on 6 more months of support.

You're doing many things well; you have a good handle on your business. But, you just can't seem to breakthrough. This program was designed for you.

You have the right skills they need some polishing. Maybe you need to add a thing or two to your toolbox. Either way, we can help.

Like a professional trainer, we encourage and push you to breakthrough once we know you have the right form.

Special Projects

  • ISO-9001 Certification you want it but aren't sure where to start, we can help.
  • Research Projects - thinking of a merger or acquisition we can help.
  • Need a project manager or mentor for a project you're contemplating, we have your back.
  • OSHA issues - Safety Juan is our safety specialist, he can help you through those sticky issues.
  • New Product Launch, we are the experts.
  • Sales Management - not hitting your numbers. Let us help.