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We're Honored

Our sincerest thanks to the many clients and the staff at Manufacturing Technology Insights to nominate and elect Business Engineering Consortium as one of the Top Ten Lean Consultants. Read the article.

This is an honor we did not seek out or even know about. Your praise deeply humbles us. We have worked diligently over the years to deliver the highest quality personalized services to our clients.

We look forward to helping even more clients as 2021 and beyond present new unthought-of challenges. Sign-up now for a free consultation or download one of our free whitepapers.

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From the Founder
A holistic data & intuitive driven approach

A Unique Approach

First of all, the Consortium is not a consulting company. Yes, we are often called that, but we are more of a coaching organization or personal trainers. There is a fine distinction between our approach and that of consultants, which I hold in the highest esteem. A consultant is very much the specialist in a particular area and well worth the investment in using them to solve unique problems. Our expertise lies in the ability to see how all of the parts of your business function. Like my dad said, "if your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail."

When I was a field engineer, I learned that when a client faced a control issue on a large gas or steam turbine, the mechanics had a very different view of the cause than the electricians. They all have something to contribute to the solution. Their myopic view caused them to overlook the real issue. Leveraging the client's expertise on their system, I would help them create a simple sketch of the overall system and create a troubleshooting plan. Often solving the problem that had plagued them for days in a matter of hours.

The Consortium looks at your business using this system or holistic view. I'll move you from a myopic department by department view to a systems view. Understanding all of your strengths and weaknesses allows you to determine where to invest and where not to hold back. Each part of your business needs to operate well enough to support your organization.

This is why we insist on investing two-days to give your business a thorough top to bottom assessment or physical as we like to call it. We use a variety of tools for this physical, from the 5-Whys to LEAN to listening intently to what is being said and not being said. We will have ferreted out points of excellence and challenges to success. Together we develop an action plan that is realistic and achievable.

At this point, we morph into personal trainer mode. Assessing your ability and bandwidth to take on more work or juggle what you have. We can show you the way and help you make the plan, but YOU need to execute it. We are only a phone call away. We'll reach out to you, sometimes for a quick call at other times for a planned one-hour accountability session.

We are with you every step of the way!

John S. Benjamin

The First Three Ways We Help

Your Aspirations

Yes, you've hit many of them congratulations! Others are just out of reach or seem to be. Your total revenue is not high enough, you're still working too many hours. It seems like you have to solve every problem. Our Business Physical will assess these issues and together we'll develop a plan to move forward and accomplish those goals - NOW.


Family and closely held businesses struggle with work-life boundaries AND holding each other accountable. We can help. We identify these conflicts open or hidden and provide you with the tools to resolve these conflicts. These conflicts are costing you money and time. You owe it to the business to resolve them. We're always just a phone call away in case you get stuck along the way.

You're Not Alone

We're unique. Your Business Physical is NOT the end of our relationship. We know when we leave things look and feel great. We also know that when next week rolls around things will seem different. That's why our program includes follow-on teleconferences and periodic on-site visits. We're your business personal trainer.